Why Eat Lun Cake?

About Eat Lun Cake

About Eat Lun Cache

The original name of this cake is called "wheel cake" or "red bean cake". Why were we called Eat Lun Cake?

We are both from Taiwan. From Taiwan to Australia and live here. We often go to eat red bean cake after we return to our hometown. We have been to the East Australia. Whether in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, these big cities have tried very delicious red bean cake, but when we returned to Perth, we didn't have a chance to eat it.Because we all like to eat, and our four-year-old children are like us. We often clamor to eat red bean cake, so we think, if there are many Taiwanese people like us here, then everyone the same as us? So we opened this small shop, hoping to enjoy the nostalgic taste of home with everyone.

Eat Lun is actually my son's Chinese name, and the child on the photo is his riding his favorite balance bike. This design is because we want to remember the beginning of our business, and our raw materials are the most original ingredients, without adding other additives, because we hope that all children including our children, can be very happy enjoy the red bean cake without burden.

這個餅原始的名字我們稱之為"車輪餅"或者"紅豆餅",但是為什麼我們叫它 Eat Lun Cake? 



Eat Lun 其實是我兒子的中文姓名,而照片上的小孩就是他騎著他最愛的平衡車。會這樣的設計是因為我們希望可以記住我們創業的初心,而我們的原料都是最原始的食材,不添加其他添加物,因為我們希望所有的孩子們,當然包括我們的孩子都可以很開心,沒有負擔的享用紅豆餅。